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2024 Home Features For Retirement and Aging In Place

As you consider downsizing, consider home features that deliver options for future needs. Expect a surge of innovations and trends dedicated to enhancing comfort, safety, & independence. Uncover significant features shaping the concept of aging in place with these 8 options.

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2024 Home Features For Retirement and Aging In Place

Beth Cree

Beth’s focus with her clients is to serve with integrity and professionalism...

Beth’s focus with her clients is to serve with integrity and professionalism...

Feb 1 5 minutes read

1. No-Step Entryways: Accessibility Redefined

One of the key trends in senior-friendly design is the elimination of barriers – quite literally. No-step entryways have become a standard feature in many homes, removing the risk and inconvenience posed by steps. This shift not only aids in mobility but also future-proofs homes against potential mobility issues, making them a smart choice for all ages. 

2. Walk-In Showers: Safety Meets Style

Bathrooms are undergoing a transformation, with walk-in showers leading the charge in senior-friendly design. These showers eliminate the need to step over a tub edge, reducing the risk of slips and falls. Additionally, many of these showers now come equipped with built-in seats and adjustable shower heads, blending functionality with a touch of luxury.

3. Smart Home Technology: The Age of Convenience

Smart home technology has continued to evolve, becoming more intuitive and user-friendly – a huge benefit for seniors. Voice-activated systems allow for easy control of lighting, temperature, and even window blinds, offering a new level of independence to those with mobility challenges. Also, security systems with cameras and remote monitoring provide peace of mind for both seniors and their family. 

4. Wide Doorways and Hallways: Room to Move

Spaciousness is in, and for good reason. Wider doorways and hallways accommodate mobility aids such as walkers and wheelchairs, ensuring that homes remain accessible and comfortable. This trend also lends a more open, airy feel to the living space, a design choice that has universal appeal.  When searching for a home, look for a home that has the ability to be transformed to allow this for your future needs.

5. Lever-Style Door Handles and Faucets: Ease of Use

The shift towards lever-style door handles and faucets is a subtle yet significant change in senior-friendly homes. These features are easier to use for those with limited hand strength or arthritis, underscoring the importance of thoughtful, inclusive design in everyday fixtures.  Lever-style door handles and faucets are attractive to homeowners of all ages.

6. Enhanced Lighting; Brighter and Safer

Proper lighting is crucial in senior-friendly homes and for aging in place, with an emphasis on both natural and artificial light sources. Enhanced lighting reduces the risk of falls and improves the overall ambiance of the home. From larger windows to strategically placed LED lights, these lighting solutions cater to both safety and aesthetics.

7. Emergency Response Systems: Instant Support

Integrated emergency response systems have become a staple in senior-friendly homes. With the push of a button, seniors can quickly access medical assistance, adding an essential layer of safety to the living environment.

8. Low-Maintenance Materials: Simplifying Upkeep

Low-maintenance materials are increasingly popular, minimizing the time and effort required for home upkeep. From quartz countertops that resist stains to composite decking that withstands the elements, these materials ensure that homes remain beautiful with minimal effort.


The year 2024 marks a significant step forward in designing homes that cater to the needs of seniors, especially considering the Silver Tsunami, the number of Baby Boomers that are retiring. These trends highlight a shift towards a more inclusive, thoughtful approach to home design, one that prioritizes safety, accessibility, and comfort. As a real estate agent specializing in downsizing and retirement living and, staying informed of these trends is crucial in guiding clients towards homes that not only meet their needs today but will continue to serve them well into the future.

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