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Close to the Heart: Grandparents Moving Closer to Grandchildren

In the ever-changing world of real estate, catering to the unique needs of seniors, particularly those looking to move closer to their grandchildren, has become a niche of great importance and personal significance. As a real estate agent specializing in this area, my approach is grounded in understanding the deep emotional, financial, and practical considerations that influence such a big decision.

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Close to the Heart: Grandparents Moving Closer to Grandchildren

Beth Cree

Beth’s focus with her clients is to serve with integrity and professionalism...

Beth’s focus with her clients is to serve with integrity and professionalism...

Feb 9 4 minutes read

Understanding the Emotional Pull

The decision for grandparents to relocate closer to their grandchildren is often driven by an emotional desire to be an influential part of their lives, or a desire to help your children with their care. This includes witnessing their milestones, providing support, and sharing in the day-to-day joys and challenges. The trend underscores a shift towards prioritizing your adult children's needs in retirement planning as a result of thier demanding careers. Recognizing this, my role extends beyond the transactional aspects of buying and selling homes to facilitating a move that enriches the family life of my clients.

Balancing Practical Considerations

While the emotional benefits of living closer to grandchildren are clear, the practicalities and financial implications are significant. From downsizing and selling an existing home to understanding the new local real estate market, there are numerous factors to consider. A 2002 AARP study showed that 80% of grandparents see living near their grandchildren as important, highlighting the widespread nature of this consideration. My expertise lies in navigating you through these complexities, ensuring that my clients find homes that not only meet their budget but also their lifestyle needs and proximity to family.

Recent studies offer a deeper insight into the benefits of such living arrangements. Research conducted by the University of Basel in Switzerland and a 2014 study published in The Gerontologist have illustrated the benefits for both grandparents and grandchildren, from extended life expectancy to reduced depression symptoms for grandparents. These findings emphasize the multifaceted value of close proximity, in addition to the more obvious convenience or economic rationale.

Leveraging Technology and Communication

Staying connected with older grandchildren as they grow involves adapting to new modes of communication and shared interests. Encouraging my clients to embrace technology not only aids in maintaining strong bonds with their family but also helps them stay informed about their new community and resources.  When in need, have a grandchild help you figure it out!

Personalizing the Search

Everyone's situation is unique, and so is every family. My approach is highly personalized, taking into account not just the physical needs of my clients but also their emotional and social requirements. Whether it's finding a community with active senior programs, ensuring accessibility, or locating properties within easy distance of schools and family homes, my goal is to make the transition as smooth and fulfilling as possible.


As a real estate agent specializing in downsizing needs, my role is to be a guide, advocate, and resource for clients making this meaningful transition in their lives. By focusing on the emotional and practical aspects of moving closer to grandchildren, I aim to help seniors navigate this journey with confidence, ensuring they find the perfect home to start their next chapter closer to children and grandchildren.

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